Bavarian Manor

Bavarian Manor Country Inn and Restaurant Policies

  • A minimum stay of 2 nights are required July, August, September and October weekends plus all holiday weekends.
    • There are no discounts during holiday weekends, prime season weekends or one night stays.
    • Occasionally – a one night stay can be booked, if during the week of the coming weekend, rooms are available.
  • The Inn has a strict non-smoking policy.
    • Any additional cleaning or repair needed to be done due to smoking in a room will result in a cleaning fee of at least $200 charged to your credit card.

The Inn is Pet Friendly:

  • Click on the “pet friendly” listing on the left of this page and check out the fee schedule and rules!

Deposit Policy :

  • A pre-tax deposit will be required as no room will be guaranteed without a deposit.
  • Deposits may be made by check or a valid credit card.  Confirmations can be made by email or regular mail.
  • Please expect the personal touch.  The computer will issue a confirmation # but to us you are a name not a number.
  • Once you have given the inn your credit card information, that indicates you have given us the authority to charge for the deposit and/or charge for the full stay if the stay is of a one-night duration.
  • A written confirmation will be sent once a deposit has been processed.
  • If a room is booked for a single night stay, on the morning of the day of arrival, the room will be charged in full.
  • If a room is booked for 2 or more nights, a one night deposit will be taken at the time the reservation is made.

Cancellation Policy :

  •  If a room is cancelled 14 days or more outside the arrival date of the reservation, a $25 cancellation fee will be retained.
  • If a room is cancelled within 14 days of the arrival date every effort will be made to re-rent the room.  If the room can be re-booked with the short notice, the only charges may be for any missed nights.  If the room is not re-booked, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.
  • No refunds will be made for early departure or refunded due to bad weather. – We can guarantee your room but we cannot guarantee the weather.