Bavarian Manor

Pet Friendly Policy

We never had a pet that smoked in bed and set fire to the blankets. We never had a pet that stole our towels, played the TV to loud or had a noisy fight. We never had a pet that got drunk and broke up the furniture. So… if your pet can vouch for you, you’re welcome too!

So that everyone will appreciate our pet policy, here are some guidelines for our furry guests.


  • Pet Fees: 
    • We charge $25 for the first night and $10 each subsequent night.  Half price for any additional pets.
    • Note:  Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals: While these animals are often used as emotional therapy animals, they are not considered service animals under the American Disability Act.   A pet fee will be charged.
  • We require a copy of a valid rabies vaccination certificate for your pet.
  • If you leave your room, your pet goes with you unless crated.  We’ll need your cell phone on record when you go out.
  • All pets are required to have a flea treatment prior to arrival.
  • There is a Pet Agreement Form that you will receive upon check-in.  It will be in your Pet Welcome Bag!

Pet Rules (so everyone will be happy) –

  1. Pets must be on a leash when outside of your room. Pets must be crated if left unattended in hotel room.
  2. Inside pets are NOT ALLOWED in the restaurant or the lounge area. They are welcome in our front lobby area.
  3. Please use the side fields & lake trails for your pets. The front lawn is for the pleasure of ALL our guests.
  4. Don’t forget to use your “scooper” outside.
  5. Our housekeepers loves pets… but you MUST either remove your pet, be present when housekeeping needs to service your room or crate your pet.
  6. Please do not allow your pets to lie or sleep on our furniture, especially THE BEDS!
  7. Please don’t use hotel towels, wash cloths or other linen on your pets. There is a charge for any of these items left unusable for future use.
  8. If your dog does damage to our bedding or carpeting there will be a cleaning fee of $200.00.


Seems we have been “pet friendly” for a long time!  The older photo on the right is from the 1940’s of my grandfather,  Karl Bauer and his dog, Barry, the first of 3 St. Bernards we had in our family.  Our latest adoptee, Cooper, on the right, who is a nutty lab/mutt!  (I say he is questionably intelligent.) Our rarely seen and independent cat, Sally, seems to be able to put up with us.  All our “house” pets keep to themselves and we try not to have them impose themselves on you.  But they all appreciate a pat on the head!