Bavarian Manor

Calendar of Events


For local events going on when you plan to visiting the Catskills, -   Also check out . Pick your interest, plan your itinerary and stay at Bavarian Manor Country Inn because at the end of the day, we’re nice to come home to. We’re are close to everything yet private.  The best of both worlds!

April 20 – Easter Sunday  – Dinner with your family at The Manor !  Taking reservations from 1 pm to 6 pm.

April 27 – Youth Fair Benefit Breakfast - serving 8 am to noon.  See below!

May 11 – Mother’s Day – Dinner serving from 1 pm – 6 pm.  All mothers get a FREE appetizer.

June 15 – Father’s Day - Dinner serving all day from 1 pm – 8 pm.  All fathers get a FREE appetizer.

June 21 – TBA – A new and fun night here at the Manor – working on booking this new event!  Stay tuned.

Psychic Dinner Event Nights -  Call asap to get your reservation and to  make sure that we have enough for the psychics to come.  There are usually at least 6 different readers with us on these nights.  All with very strong talents.  Enjoy an interesting evening with us.  $55/ per person includes a complete dinner (with a number of entree menu choices) and one psychic reading.  This price does NOT include drinks, sales tax or gratuity.    These evenings book out very early.  Please don’t wait too long to make your reservation.   New policy – no tables larger than 6 persons.  

The next Psychic Dinners  are  April 26 – April 27 – May 31 – June 1.  It’s is never too early to reserve to guarantee your spot.  Call us today at 518-622-3261.   Please note… Saturday dates for our Psychic nights are booking 5 pm or 7:45 pm seatings.  Sunday Psychic Events are from 2-6 pm! 

OPENING SEATS AVAILABLE FOR APRIL 26 7 APRIL 27 !  Just had a few cancellations, if anyone is interested.

How our Psychic Dinners work – This seems to be a common question.  The evening begins with your seating at your private table with your friends and family.  On each table there are a few things.  The first is your dinner menu.  Your dinner consists of a full course dinner menu with some additional appetizers if you would like something extra.  We usually offer about 6 or 7 different entrees.  There is also a listing of the various psychic readers we have that night plus a page of terminology for those new to psychic adventures!   After you have look these over, there is a paper for you to fill out with your top 2 choices of which reader you would like to see.  Since there are at least 6 readers, you have a wide choice of who to see.  We ask for your name, table number and 2 choices.  Then you hand it to your server who brings them to the hostess.  At some time during your dinner, you will be approached by the hostess who will bring you to either one of the psychics you have chosen.  The hostess will give you a ticket to give to your reader.  Then you will be at psychic’s table for your reading.  Each reading is approximately 20 minutes.  When you are done, you go back to your table and enjoy the rest of your night.  Psychic Nights are very interesting!

April 27 – Youth Fair Benefit Breakfast – 8 am-12 pm!  A Cairo Rotary Club sponsored event at The Bavarian Manor Country Inn.  Come for a great full buffet breakfast.  Complete with juice, eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, pastries, coffee and tea!  Get served by the children of 4-H!  It is one of our favorite events.  The money raised goes to the Greene County Youth Fair held every year for the past 150 years.  It helps repair their animal cages & pens.  A very nice way to start a Sunday!



April 26-27: TAP NY @ Hunter Mountain
May 10:  Hunter Greene Spring Classic
May 24-25:  Irish Festival @ East Durham
June 5-8:  Woodstock  Mountain Jam @ Hunter Mountain
June 13-14:  Country Music Festival @ Hunter Mountain
June 21-22:  Bavarian Summer Festival @ Round Top